Friday, October 10, 2008

Quantum Physics, Crazy Horse, A Shameful Moment, Life at the Bottom of the Sea

Thoughts and Dreams

A star is born on the edge of our Milky Way galaxy

Thoughts and dreams can be real in our physical universe.
Electrons and energy arranged into a thought, is a physical action, creating a detectable construct.
Fleeting thoughts?
One time dreams?
Temporary, but real, structures.

Repetitive thoughts?
Lifetime dreams?
More or less permanent structures.

Repeat a thought enough times and it becomes,"hard wired."
Some hard wired thoughts can become, "perceptions."

We are told, "The sky is blue."
We begin to perceive that the sky is blue.
Eventually, that perception becomes our reality.

Something to think about.

The Adventures of Bat Girl

Camping in Custer state park

Looking at Crazy Horse Monument
Bat Girl tells me that she really likes camping and seeing the attractions in the American west. She feels energized by the vagabond life, and looks forward to the next roadside attraction.

"Stay tuned for my next exciting installment."

Global Warming in the Tropics

This tree has to move up the mountain to survive
Climate change is warming the tropics, too. Average temperatures have increased by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.78 degree Celsius) in the last 30 years, making them as warm as at any point in the past 2 million years. That increased warmth, however, is not good news for tropical plants and insects, according to a new study.

McCain Campaign Looking for Theme Song

"I'm crazy, crazy for being..."
The latest in a long line of musicians complaining about Presidential candidate John McCain for his use of their music at campaign stops would be the band the Foo Fighters.

It seems that, as long as politicians pay the appropriate ASCAP fees, they can use any song they like. What's funny to me is they usually don't listen to the lyrics and just use the song for it's, "Hook."
A good example would be Ronald Reagan using Bruce Springsteen's,"Born in the U.S.A."

But I guess it would even be worse if you actually had to play at a rally for these guys...

I Played for Ronald Reagan!

Remembering the horror
I was playing at the airport lounge in Medford, Oregon, when the manager informed me that I would be playing at a Ronald Reagan rally. "You have got to be kidding?", I exclaimed. "That guy ruined California when he was Governor!", (Actually, he didn't have the mental capacity to ruin the economy of California. It was his handlers, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest of those greedy, crazy men who were telling Ronald what to do and say.)

I adamantly refused
to lend my support to that bunch of evil crooks. I felt proud of my stance for truth, justice, and the American way, until I found that even I could be corrupted.

It seemed important to the woman who owned the place, that the manager had to get me to play at this event. So much so, that it wasn't just my job on the line, (along with my band members), but the managers job as well. (At least that's what he said.) So I caved in to their needs, and for a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon, I was part of the "Reagan Country" snake oil traveling show.

Ronald and his wife sat on the stage waiting for his moment to speak and answer a few questions from a handful of people they brought with them to "Salt" the crowd. As they sat there, Ronnie had his eyes half closed and his mouth moved as he went over his "Lines." (I guess he figured he was in a movie where he played the president.) Nancy couldn't focus her eyes, and kept slipping down in her seat like her drug of choice was barbiturates. The band and I played a few of Reagans favorite songs while the humorless, secret service guys made sure we didn't play any "commie" stuff.

Once everything was ready, we got to stop playing, and it was time for Reagans act. He stood up, squared his shoulders, got into character and stepped up to the microphone to deliver his speech with appropriate gestures, inflections and facial expressions. He did not react to real questions from the "crowd", but responded to his "cues" when given by the trained questioners.

He left the stage, we played another tune, packed up our stuff, and went in to the bar to wash away the shame.

(One day I will write about the time I went duck hunting with the Governor of Mississippi.)
"Dumbo" the Octopus

Dumbo octopuses can reach up to 1.5 meters long, but are often very small, fitting in the palm of your hand. Much better than Sea Monkey's.
Of course you would have to be on the ocean floor where they live.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
Octopus's Garden -Beatles

Humility Builds Character

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