Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

"What a Movie!"
-Hank Ballone

"It's a pretty day, thanks for being here." 10/10/08
I am very glad that I have this blog to share with you. What started out as a journal of my life, has turned into a message board, a travel brochure, a soap box, an instruction manual, photo journal, storm tracker, and for some readers, a source of information and entertainment.

I like being able to provide you with links to interesting stories, pictures, and music. I really enjoy finding videos and music on, "You Tube", and passing them on to you. You Tube is amazing. I sometimes think of somewhat obscure songs and I am always surprised to discover that someone else remembers that song, too, and has posted it on You Tube.

Enjoy...And keep those comments and e-mails coming.

Adventures of Bat Girl

Close encounters of the wild burro kind

"It's like I've seen this before"

Bear Scratched Rock, or Devils Tower
My last report from Bat Girl said she was snuggled up inside the van because it was snowing outside.

"Stay tuned for my next exciting installment."

Penguins Having a Whale of a Time

Dinner is served

Joe Six Pack T-Shirt
That's about the size of it

"There must be some kind of way out of here,
said the joker to the thief."

-Bob Dylan All Along The Watchtower

It's Okay

Sun breaks through a cloud.. 10/10/08
The economy is in the tank. Angry, hateful republicans. Global warming. Iraq invasion costing thousands of lives. Prices going up, up, up. Families losing homes. What's a person to do?

Here's how I am handling it...

I am doing the things I can. I am voting for the candidate of my choice. Okay, that's done. I don't need to get all worked up about what other people are doing if there is nothing I can do about it. We will see how the election turns out after the votes are counted. Most people have already made up their minds and all the campaign "foo-farah" isn't likely to change the outcome.

I am using less of everything and I recycle. Doing my part to save the planet from the human infestation.

Some of my friends have sons and daughters in the military. It doesn't help their peace of mind for me to point out that they are being killed by the administrations mistakes.

I don't live in the future, so it makes no sense to get all excited about things that may or may not happen. It's good to be prepared, but I am living in the now. I could live another 20 years, or get killed crossing the street tomorrow. I would not like to waste whatever time I have, worrying and fretting. I am enjoying this wonderful experience that God has given me. I am happy to be alive.

That's how I handle it, how about you?

Halloween Is Coming

Party on
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
The Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

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