Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

Columbus Day
It's a Holiday
-Boney M

Flaming Squirrel Sparks Brush Fire

Fireman uses rainbow technique on brush fire
A squirrel shorted out a high-voltage power line, caught fire and dropped into dry vegetation this morning — sparking a brush fire along North Market Street just north of Benton Drive.

Fire crews contained the blaze, which started behind the former Catanio’s Italian restaurant, within 20 minutes, Gray said. Eighteen firefighters and six fire engines responded to the blaze.

Lot's of jokes come to mind about Rocky and Bullwinkle, (For my older readers, Rocky was a flying squirrel.)

Bryan's Board is Back

Bryan, (left), and Bo with surviving surfboard
I got an e-mail from my nephew, Bryan Smith;

Last week I got a call from my buddy Wyman Wade. He and his buddy Henry Fry made surfboards here in Houston and Costa Rica for the last 30+ years. He got a call from a Bo Nelson who found my surfboard a few miles outside of Smith's Point. Gina and I went and picked it up on Saturday. My surfboard was one of the only items of value to me that was left at the beach house when Ike took it away. Smith's point is approximately 10 miles across the bay. Please see attached picture. Amazing. Have a nice week. Bryan

Google map of Bay

Smith Point (upper left), and Crystal Beach (A)
The Gulf of Mexico is in the lower right corner.

For more about the hurricane and my sisters Beach House, click on "Beach House", (under "Labels").
The Adventures of Bat Girl

Shell found near Devils Tower
The last I heard from Bat Girl, she was in Yellowstone National Park, but she did send me a picture of this shell she found on her travels. If you know what kind of shell it is, let me know.

"Stay tuned for my next exciting installment."
Bat Girl is thinking about getting a trailer and becoming a gypsy-vagabond, just roaming around these beautiful United States. It reminded me of the old, (1938), cartoon, "Mickey's Trailer".

Donald takes a bath in Mickey's trailer
Well, whatta you know, I found it. Here it is, for your enjoyment...
Mickey's Trailer

What a wonderful life

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