Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big Beautiful Moon

On A Warm Redding Night

The moon was still rising through the trees at 10:20pm when I took this picture. The temperature was around 78 degrees with only the slightest bit of breeze, it was very pleasant on the Treehouse patio.

Earlier in the evening, I got some richly colored images in the low angled sunlight. It is really nice here in Redding when the temperatures are still in the 80’s and, except for the haze from our human activities, the skies are clear and blue.

The Phil Seymour Band played some of our newest songs on Thursday night at Lulu’s. It is fun to hear the songs take shape, and see that people are enjoying them. What a treasure it is to write, play, and sing songs that bring pleasure to the band, and the people who come to listen and dance to the music.

I watched a program on PBS the other night about Jungle Eagles. It was part of the series, Nature. I had no idea, just how big the harpy eagles are. When the film showed the male eagle bringing food for the baby, my sense of scale was skewed. I thought the animal hanging from the bird’s talon was a rat or something. It was a full grown monkey.

I have been taking some pictures these last few days that seem to be perfect for ‘note cards’.  Some of the images seem to invite further developments. I like it when that happens.

Today’s Video Attraction;

Happy Bird

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