Monday, April 15, 2013

Since You Asked

I have found some answers

Determined Butterfly Photographer  Credit - Margaret Miller

Marian Sauer, (mentor, musician, and dear friend), after reading the last blog post, inquired;
“What kind of bird lays green eggs?”

Easter Egger, “Button”.

The short answer; An Easter Egger.

Pink Treehouse rose, Sunday eve.

Really, that’s the name for chickens from hatcheries that lay green, blue, and other colored eggs. They are related to the Araucana that were developed on the Falkland Islands from a breed of chicken brought there by people who lived in the Andes where they spoke Quechua.

Treehouse Sterling rose, Sunday eve

See a chart with many varieties of chickens, and their eggs,  HERE.

Red Treehouse rose, Sunday eve.

So, if we have read and understand the information at the links, we can have a fairly good idea where green eggs come from, and that green eggs have been around since before the Inca empire in South America.

A happy, healthy breakfast

How healthy is cereal from a box, anyway?

From what I have read, the box has more nutrition than the cereal. Or, at least in a 1960 rat experiment where one group got cereal flakes and water, a second group got bits of the box and water, and the control group got rat chow and water. The ones eating the just the box outlived the cereal eaters, but still died within weeks. The rat chow bunch lived a full rat lifespan.

Another kind of rose at the Treehouse on Sunday eve.

Apparently the manufacturing process also cooks away the added synthetic vitamins and minerals that are sprayed on the flakes. I am glad that I eat organic ‘nutrition free’ flakes with fresh organic fruit and milk.

Another beautiful rose on Sunday eve.

I remember researching the vitamin and mineral powder that is added to cereal and finding that it is the same stuff that is used to ‘enrich’ flour. I always wondered why the nutrition label has the same vitamins and minerals, no matter what food product is in the box. Then I found that the same company has been making this powder that is added to any processed food since 1952.

I will have to look this stuff up in my other computers to verify that I remember the details correctly, but not tonight. I think I shall sleep on all this information and put my sources in a future post about enriched flour.

Today’s Eye Candy Video;

Nutritious Dates

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