Thursday, April 18, 2013

Busting Out All Over

In All Colors, Too

Iris by the Treehouse mailroom

Everywhere I look, the sun is lighting up another spectacular flower. It is best to keep a camera with you at all times, for the flower show changes by the minute, as the earth turns, sun and shadows move through the bountiful blossoms continuously featuring something new.

Next to Leila’s patio

The delightful images are piling up as they await display in a slide show, video, or DVD. I think it is wonderful to be overwhelmed by all the color and beautiful shapes of this year’s spring floral display.

Along the parking lot

There are so many individual characters keeping me busy getting their close ups, that I end up completely saturated with their sweet perfume. Life is sweet.

Josephs coat in the setting sun

I guess I just feel like sharing some of this goodness with you. Maybe it will help balance out the disappointing behavior of the republican elected officials, and the tasteless exploitation of recent tragedies by the rightwing TV, radio, and websites.

Bearded iris at the Arboretum

Today, my neighbor, Margaret, and I returned to the Arboretum to try some new photo techniques when taking butterfly pictures. There were only a few butterflies, but there was a world of subjects to be photographed, and I came back with enough images for another Arboretum video, (coming soon to a Phil’s Place near you).

Butterfly at the Arboretum today

I did get a few butterfly pictures while standing in the butterfly garden. I think the wind was a bit too strong for most butterflies today, so the garden was sparsely visited by the colorful creatures for whom the place was named.

Today’s Important Video;

Let Your Light Shine

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