Sunday, April 28, 2013

Solving Puzzles

With Good Information

The American Public Works Association ULCC Color Codes for Marking Excavations

I came upon this street graffiti deciphering chart in a Smithsonian article, this morning. The chart is used by alert homeowners, contractors, and public utilities who are planning to dig in the streets. There are spray painted lines, arrows, and other information in distinctive colors so that the workers don’t accidentally blow up the neighborhood, or cut through a water main, or other buried utilities when they dig.

So now you know what those colored lines and arrows on the streets mean. Too bad the guys who were digging trenches in our cul de sac last year didn’t read the paint on the pavement before cutting through the water main.

Out In The Yard

Wild onions

Tame Orchids

California Poppies

Not sure,...pretty though

Puzzles are a good way to collect new information. Whether it is how to assemble pieces, find the words, or identify a flower, I generally remember the result of a solved puzzle. I suppose that’s true for most all of us, but I have never puzzled over it before. (odd phrase)

Fruit awaiting assembly on cereal

The band played well tonight at the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam. That is a good thing. I have more fun singing when the band plays well. I don’t find that puzzling.

Mount Lassen from the Treehouse

Today was clearer than yesterday. Warmer, too. Late afternoon temperatures were in the 90’s. The outside thermometer for the Buick read 94 degrees as Billy, (the bass player in the band), and I drove out of the Old School restaurant parking lot after we finished playing, (around 6:30pm).

Fun with roses and aperture

Rose and honey bee

Today was a good day, and that’s a good thing. I hope some of you remembered to view Saturn while it is as close to Earth as it will get this year. If you didn’t have a telescope, there was the live webcast of Saturn through a telescope on the Canary Islands.

Here is the link to the SLOOH SpaceCamera website so you can see what future celestial event will be playing live on a computer near you.

Today’s Sunny Video;

Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day

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