Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jumping Jupiter

Saturn “Live” This Sunday

The ringed wonder appearing Sunday evening on a computer near you, Information


Red Treehouse rose

The light was just right today around noon for the picture of this rose, (above). I had been trying to get this shot for the past couple of days, but the colors weren’t right, the detail was emphasizing the wrong shapes, and the wall in the background was lit in such a way as to flatten the color and dimensions of the rose.

Today, conditions were perfect for the shot that I had pictured in my mind. Other flowers responded to the lighting of the day as well.

Josephs Coat roses

The color red was particularly vibrant and photogenic.

Deep red velvet roses

Green Eggless

Photo Credit - Margaret Miller

The City Hall Farmers Market was number one on today’s agenda.

My neighbor, Margaret, and I went around 11:00 and discovered there was also the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival happening at City Hall and the Sculpture Garden.

Part of the reason we were there was to take pictures of the roses, and the festivities offered even more photo subjects. Like taking pictures through the dancing water of the City Hall fountain.

Looking for green eggs?

The lady who sells the green eggs was sold out. She said she sold all of her eggs by 9:00. I said I would try again next week, and if I couldn’t get up early, I would enlist a representative to be down there to get a dozen early next Saturday.

Another striking red Treehouse rose

There was quite a crowd at the festivities, so we took our pictures and returned to the Treehouse before noon. This was quite fortunate, as it was then that I had the opportunity to photograph the red rose outside the dining room under ideal light conditions.

A ‘not-red’ rose along the driveway

I hope your Saturday was suitably synchronistic, too.

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It’s A Small World

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