Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Observing Our Planet

My Little Corner, Anyway

There is a storyland feel to this

Outside my apartment, the flowers are spectacular. Some photogenic individuals and their setting, with certain light, shadow, and other compositional elements, sparked my imagination.

The start of it all

This picture perfect specimen, above, was featured in the previous blog, only it was a bit tighter wrapped.  I was captivated by the colors, shape, radiance, and the way it reflected the light even more so today.

A pair of Sterling roses

These Sterling roses, and more treehouse flowers are featured in today’s video. I recently produced two lengthy slide show videos for the TV in the mailroom. They don’t have soundtracks because I think that would be annoying, and unnecessary.

P&P at the Monday Jamboree.  Photo credit - Dean Crumpacker

When I looked at the flower images I had taken today, I realized that I could fit them to one of the songs recorded on Monday. So, I did.

This seemed like it would be an uplifting view, and it is.

More Than Easter Eggers

I just read an article about the origins of jerky meat preservation, (or at least the word), and it comes from the same ancient people of the Andes, that gave us the Easter Egger chickens; The Quechua. (Story)

Sometimes I get lucky

When I am composing each shot, I can usually know how I am going to use that image. If it seems destined to be in a collection, set or slideshow, I compose for 16 x 9 HD cropping. If it looks like a greeting card, I try to balance the elements to 6 x 4. In the case of the flower, above, the exposure was such that it needs very little further development to be art material for various media. Sometimes I get lucky.

Today’s Homegrown Video;

Nurturing Natural Interactions

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