Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It Must Be April

The World Is Alive

I had forgotten about my Flickr account slideshows, and how nice they look on this blog, (especially when you click the full screen indicator in the bottom right corner).

It must be spring fever.


I don’t recall having all this sneezing stuff, ever. I have read that the warmer climate has produced a crop of super ragweed, and many trees now have larger pollen that is especially irritating. Whoopie, let’s keep burning fossil fuel.


All these flowers blooming at the Treehouse have been keeping me and my camera busy as the bees I have been photographing. I am collecting enough stills and video clips to make a Bee-utiful video, soon.

Just look at the size of this rose;

Giant Rose

The Treehouse had the dining room piano tuned. It is better sounding now, and I don’t have to detune my guitar, or sing flat to fit the piano. Monday Jamborees are even better on pitch.


This moth has been resting in the stairwell for a couple of days. I can’t say I blame it. It has been rather windy around here the past week. I am surprised at the determination of the bees and butterflies as they get tossed around in the gusty April weather. Of course, it’s life or death for them to feed, and in the case of the bees, to bring back food for the hive.

Raven, or crow? (more on that in a future post)

Today’s Travel Video;

Nice Place We’ve Got Here

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