Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday Farmers Market

And Other Neat Stuff

Redding Farmers Market at City Hall

It was one of those rare Saturdays that found me up and at the Farmers Market before it closed. My neighbor, Margaret, came with me to see what was there, and to take a few pictures of the City Hall roses.

Meditation Garden Rose

I purchased a small amount of organic lettuce that I later used to make a salad with banana, raisins, and walnuts, while adding a little white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

There were several people selling a variety of organic eggs. There were goose eggs, duck eggs, green eggs, and regular brown eggs. I just bought eggs a couple of days ago, so I didn’t get any. Margaret got a dozen green eggs.

Across the valley from the Treehouse

Back at the Treehouse Senior Apartments, the roses were exploding with big colorful blooms, with many more buds scheduled to open. I took about 100 more photos around the Treehouse grounds before heading in to edit the days ‘catch’ of images.

Spiders Market at the Treehouse

One of the projects on my list for today was to complete the video of the trip to the Arboretum, last Wednesday. I had selected some stills, and trimmed the video clips in preparation for compiling the elements and adding a soundtrack.

Treehouse Sterling Rose

I decided to use all keyboard sounds for today’s recordings. My bass guitar is still waiting for a part to tighten the truss rod in the neck. It remains unplayable, but I can play bass on the keyboard when I have to, so it became an all keyboard orchestra day.

Sundown from ‘A’ building stairwell

After a few hours of recording, I chose to use an instrumental version of a song I wrote in 1982, titled, “I Don’t Miss You, Anymore”. It turned out okay as a soundtrack for the short video that I would like to present, tonight.

The Sea Of Fertility Now Showing

Today’s Homemade Video;

Friendly Flutter-by’s

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