Friday, January 17, 2014

A Day Of Harmony

In A Mostly Natural Way

Early Bird on Monday

What better way to add to this harmonious period of wakefulness, than a picture of an early riser, taken last Monday.

I can still see you

Though it may be Friday, I still have pictures that I selected for a blogpost on Monday, if I were to write one that day. Still, being that this is a place where I have found “Time” to be stretchable and viewed from more than one spatial perspective, tonight will be the perfect place to post Monday and Tuesday images.
The slideshow is of Tuesday’s lofty images. I put it together utilizing Google’s Picasa Web Albums, so it is an old style flash embed, rather than HTML5. Still it usually works. If not, click HERE to go to it.

Since Flickr has introduced their new, improved, photo site, they failed to include an embed feature, choosing instead to add facebook/instagram/twitter sharing, so they are just a place I put photos for storage at the moment.

Lassen on Monday

I am trying to remember what possible reason I had for getting up early Monday morning, and the best of my recollection file has something about the Buick and having to reschedule my morning appointment with Mike Cary’s Tire and Auto repair. Monday’s are pretty well booked up with the Treehouse Monday Jamboree preparations, setup, music, snacks, and teardown, and there were a few extra last minute items to be addressed that morning.

Another look at Lassen on Monday

Looking at Monday from later in the week, (see, this blog can be a time machine), I can know that the music was good, and the recording will sound particularly clean, natural, and lively. Tuesday morning had me up early to meet the piano tuner, (More on that in the next post). Let me just say that the piano sounds wonderful, now that it is in tune.

Monday’s moon

This week has been great for moon watching. Here are a couple of images of the not quite full wolf moon taken on Monday night.

The Jade Rabbit is in the top edge of the moon’s right eye

I imagine that I will have taken many pictures of the full moonrise on Thursday, but we still have a whole spectrum of Wednesday images to squeeze some narrative between. Stay tuned for our next journey with the Phil’s Place wayback machine.

Today’s Innerspace Video;

Why I Love Science

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