Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Canvas

Every Day

Ingredients for Pie #10

We humans, all over the world, feel emotions in the same places in our bodies. A study at Aalto University, in Finland, uses colors to chart the areas of our bodies where we feel sensations while experiencing various emotional states.

I am happy to report that happiness makes people feel good all over.

Pie #10 with French Vanilla ice cream

Eating good food helps me to feel happy.
Smiling helps me feel happy.
A kind and positive attitude helps me feel happy.

Lake Shasta New Years Day

My neighbor, Dean, rode with me up Lake Blvd to, (yep), the lake to take some pictures on this first of the 365 days that usually amount to a 583,000,000 mile, 17,000 mph, trip around the sun.

Remains of construction tower exposed

The trip almost didn’t happen, but Dean gave the Buick a jumpstart from his WalMart jumpstart device, and we loaded up some photography gear and drove up to the dam.

The lake was down by about 140 feet, (of 1,035 feet). The sawed off remainder of a gantry tower can be seen when the lake is at this level.

Little boat makes a big impression

There were people boating and fishing on the lake, enjoying the warm January day. Happy people in boats of all sizes shared the pleasures of traveling on the fairly smooth surface of this picturesque, largest, reservoir in California.

Fun for all

Another benefit of these kinds of lake levels, are the new islands and peninsulas that appear. The Centemundi boat launch moved about a quarter mile out onto the lake, using it’s periodic peninsula. This made for interesting ‘shore’ access fishing spots.

Centemundi peninsula fishing

I stopped by John’s violin shop, today, (Friday), to work on the new tunes we have been writing. We both like how they are developing and will be introducing them to our band soon. Maybe not this Sunday, but soon.

When I got ready to leave the shop, the battery was too weak to start the car. I got a ride from John, down Lake Blvd to Mike Cary’s tire and auto repair. They sent me back to the Buick with their jump start device, but even that industrial strength jolt wasn’t enough to persuade my reluctant ride to run.

Centemundi peninsula on Lake Shasta

I called my friend, photographer, and neighbor, Margaret, and asked her if she would come and take me for a ride from John’s shop to Mike’s shop so I could return their jump start device and ask them if they had an answer to my dead battery dilemma.

She did. Thank you
They did. Thank you

Alex drove his car to John’s shop, exchanged the dead battery with a new, charged battery, said I should call Mike on Monday, and wished me a happy weekend.

I am happy.
I feel good all over.
I love this place, and the wonderful people in it.

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Happy 2014

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