Friday, January 24, 2014

Learning New Skills

At Least I Think They Are New

Balcony plant in the afternoon sun

One of the benefits of using this Google program to write Phil’s Place, is the search feature. I can search for all the posts I have written that contain the words “Noisy + Refrigerator”.

Wednesday sunset and magnolia blossoms

I have written about ‘refrigerator noise’ in posts going back to 2009. That was the year that  the refrigerator ramped up the noise from bothersome to intolerable. So I wrote about it, and my subsequent requests to management for a new refrigerator.

Late afternoon sun on Lassen

Over the years, some of you readers may have noticed the refrigerator has been a regular feature here, (making two or three appearances each year). Usually I mention it because the intrusive racket has stripped my mind clear of thought and thematic flow, while I am in the process of writing.

But tonight, there are two forces at work that are motivating me to take more assertive action.

Colorful magnolia blossoms

The first motivator is money. More precisely, the waste of money and energy that are now clearly expressed in my electricity bill.

The noisy, obnoxious, grinding, rumbling rattletrap that is unevenly cooling my food, has been cycling on and off, 3 or 4 times in an hour. It is not only grating to the nerves, but it is keeping my REU bill robust, even though I haven’t needed to turn on the A/C, or heat, for a couple of months.

Backlit robin

The second motivating push comes from one of my neighbors, (and Phil’s Place reader), who asked me yesterday, “You mean you haven’t got a new refrigerator, yet?”

I replied, “No”.

She shook her head and said, “You don’t know how to complain”.

Another look at the balcony plant

So, now I see this refrigerator business as a challenge.

I have to create a complaint campaign that will put an end to 5 years of aural torment, (It has already cycled on and off 6 times since I began writing tonights post).

Mount Shasta hiding behind a tree

In all fairness, I will request a new refrigerator, again, tomorrow.

That way, maybe I won’t have to become adept in the ancient art of complain-kwon-do.

A piece of pie #14 and ice cream

When I am not wasting time battling with the unwelcome, unruly, tone deaf, and obnoxiously loud appliance that fills my apartment with bone jarring, thought shattering, clatter and basso profundo 60 cycle harmonics, I have been enjoying playing music with Peggy Richardson on Monday’s when our P&P duo plays here at the Treehouse in the diningroom, and, playing music with John Harrison, as well as with the other players in the Phil Seymour Band on Sundays for the Jefferson State Blues Society.

The latest John Harrison violin during the finish process

My life is filled with so many joyful activities, that I am reminded constantly of how very fortunate I am to be who I am. Of course, I can’t be anyone else, so it’s a good thing that I am thankful just being me.

In other news, my mentor, LMP Trio piano player, close friend, and mother-in-law, got back from a four day 94th birthday celebration at Disneyland, (and other Orange county hot spots), this week.

It was good to hear from her. Her computer is being refurbished, so we have been resorting to phone calls and the postal service to stay in touch. It is a quaint way to stay in touch, but it will be nicer when communication with Marian returns to 21st century capabilities.

Today’s SuperBowl Video;

Joyful Expectations

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