Thursday, January 16, 2014

So Many Great Moments

Living In The Now

Lassen in the now of January 12th

This blog is one of today’s marvelous time machines. Images from time passed, when viewed for the first time are like a bridge across time. You are reading this during a ‘now’, that is sometime in the future from when I am writing it. So, this exists in more than one ‘now’.

My western mockingbird friend

Now, for some other news. The writer has fallen behind on posting here, so it’s time to play catch-up, (if I can cut the mustard).

The 49ers are doing great this postseason. It is good to see the ‘home team’ doing well.

Oak tree in winter character

I only recently, (1980’s), became a 49er fan when Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were outplaying everyone else in the league. It was a phenomenal team that Bill Walsh built.

Pie #12

George Seifert dismantled the team and tinkered with the west coast offense until the magic was gone. The 49er franchise floundered until Jim Harbaugh came in and put the team back on the right path. Now they are showing some of what makes this San Francisco football team special once again.

The moon on Monday

Speaking of special, the night sky has been delivering spectacular, awesome looks at our vast, beautiful universe night after night this week. What clouds we have been getting, here in Redding, move on to the east and dissipate quickly to allow imagination stimulating views of the cosmos above.

Moon and Jupiter, Monday

Dancing with the stars this week, we have Jupiter and the Moon doing a gavotte and waltz together across the heavens.

This tree hangs it’s own ornaments

I like to think that all this celebration is for Marian Sauer’s birthday tomorrow, Friday,(..see, this blog is a kind of time machine - jumping from Monday to Friday in a flash).

Bird and Lassen

The images posted today are the pictures that were to go on Monday’s blog, so I am moving ever closer to the present. We all know the present is now. Now is when things happen. They already happened in the past, and they haven’t happened yet in the future. The only time that anything gets done, is now.

Today’s Video Offering;

Happy Birthday Marian

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