Saturday, January 25, 2014

Look Closely

Develop Clarity Of Vision


It's fun to have a camera that allows me to open up the big wide world of tiny things.

Designed for a long tongue

This bee’s tongue fits perfectly into this flower’s attractively decorated nectar dispenser.

Colorfully decorated bug’s delicatessen

If you look carefully, you'll see that there's a bug enjoying a meal of tinier bugs in this colorful weed clump café.

Setting Saturday Sun Shines On Shasta

When I lift my gaze from the tiny things on the ground and look out to the horizon I can see a very large magical mountain. This certainly engages one’s sense of perspective.


Turning my focus back to the bee, I can see that it's moving on to stick its tongue in the next flower. There is sensuality in the interactions of all matter in the universe.

3 of the many different birds in this tree

The moon, planets, and stars dance gracefully across the immensely deep night sky. A dance that takes many nights, centuries, and sometimes billions of years to complete. But we can see some of the steps.

A weed embraces the earth

I guess I have developed a love affair with this planet that gives us everything. My circumstances are giving me the ability to see the heart swelling beauty of life.

Saturday evening magnolia blossoms

If this all sounds much more flowery and far out than you are accustomed to contemplating, I sincerely hope that, after having read today’s post, you will at least observe and treasure a tiny bit more of this world the next time your cognitive powers are activated.

Today’s Video;

Purpose In All Things

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Margaret said...

What a beautiful post PHil. All about the small things we so often miss. Makes me smile. Thank you.