Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kindness Is Powwrful

Soft And Warm, Too

Sunrise, Jan 21

Something woke me early this morning, so I took the opportunity to go out to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was then that I noticed the sky was light and colorful in the east.

I quickly stuffed my limbs into some clothes, grabbed a camera, and stepped out on the balcony to greet the new day.

Morning bird speaking to me

The birds were busy getting worms and greeting each other with good morning chatter. The sun was just peaking over the edge of the mountains, and I was glad to be a part of this harmony filled moment.

Looking out on the Treehouse parking lot, I saw Brandi taking Jo Anna for a morning stroll. That’s a good thing.

I took all these wonderful experiences and warm feelings back to bed with me where I went back to sleep until a reasonable hour. That’s a good thing.

Typical, happy breakfast

Some memorably nice things happened on MLK Day, that added more treasures to the joy of my existence.

Sandi was here on Monday to cook breakfast, tidy up the place, do laundry, and brighten up my morning. That’s a good thing.

Monoprice - large diaphragm, condenser microphone

I spotted the UPS truck parking in front of the mail room, so I put on some shoes and went down to let him in. This being a holiday, no one was in the office, so residents must use their magic wands to open that door, (write your own jokes).

I asked the UPS guy if he had a microphone for me. He did. Another good thing.

Balcony shamrock plant

Monoprice is an online company that sells audio/video/computer cables and adapters. I have been a happy customer for several years. In the last year, or so, they have added some professional audio equipment to their catalogue.

I bought some last spring, including a large condenser microphone. Something was rattling around in the sensor cage, but it worked okay at first. Two months ago I stopped using it because it was distorting on the bass tones, even with the roll off switch engaged.

Monday evening sky (about 5:30pm)

I considered it a loss and used one of my other microphones in it’s place to record P&P or The Phil Seymour Band.

Then, one day I wrote an email to Monoprice regarding my difficulties in using their review process.

After midnight tonight

I explained that I wanted to post some reviews because I really like their products, I was having problems getting their review pages to work and I suggested they allow reviews to be posted on the page that shows what I have purchased.

Moon and Mars (tiny little dot ↑)

In the same email, I asked if anyone else had experienced the rattling in the sensor cage and if so, what can I do to fix it. They emailed back requesting a couple of numbers associated with my purchase. I sent them the numbers. They sent me a UPS mailing label to print. I stuck it on a box with the mic inside and took it to the UPS drop off.

Moon from RAW image

Tonight I wrote them a thank you email, saying that the new replacement microphone works wonderfully, and I included the picture that you see on this post, (I took that picture when testing the mic as soon as I opened the box). That’s a good thing.

Tonight’s Video;

Be Kind To Everything

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