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Balcony plant makes comeback

We had some clouds pass over Redding this Monday. By night time, the skies were clear and I could see the waxing moon through the bare trees as it was sinking down behind the western mountains.

Moon through trees Jan 6, 2014

I had hoped to have time to manually focus the moon to get crater detail, but it was sinking quickly. Obviously moving faster than my clever mind, since I didn’t take the 4 seconds to change to manual focus and dial it in while I had a shot. Still, I like having the tunnel of branches in sharp focus.

Last night I got a nicely detailed moon picture…

Jan 5, 2014 moon over the Treehouse

The reason I mention the clouds heading east, is they will probably become part of the next midwestern and east coast winter storm system. When I look at the national weather satellite images, it is easy to see the clouds that pass over us in the west, combine with the cold air sweeping down from northern Canada to become the blizzards that are sweeping across the plains and impacting normal activities in the northeast.

Gluing the bass bar in place

I took a picture of John’s latest violin on Friday, just after he had shaped and positioned the bass bar for gluing to the underside of the top. The specialized clamps assure that the proper pressure is gently, and evenly applied so as not to deform the shape of the top, or the bass bar during the drying process.

When I stopped by this Monday morning, he had glued and clamped the top to the rest of the body, (corpus).

Sacramento river below the Shasta dam

Today was the Monday Jamboree, here at the Treehouse. It was fun as usual. I got to explain Epiphany throughout the hour of happy energetic music. It seems that quite of few of my neighbors were unaware of the significance of January 6th to Christianity. So I found entertaining ways to weave Epiphany details, (along with some scientific terminology), into the songs and patter, so as to help stimulate some cheerful discoveries. Fun stuff.

The Sculpture Park at City Hall Jan 4, 2014

The Sculpture Park May 2008

That was fun, (looking at the pictures taken in 2008 with the Olympus point and shoot 540z). I was checking how I had the camera set up, and I was using an ISO of 50. I don’t think I have any camera now that goes below ISO 80.

No wonder that camera got such good color density with just 3.2 megapixels.

A new awareness of what was. Eureka! A greater understanding of the art of digital photography. Though I intuitively knew how to get the most out of that magical device, now I am more enlightened as to the basic elements of the image alchemy, (A fancy way of saying I was lucky to have arbitrarily chosen the best settings possible for that model camera).

Today’s Scientific Video;

Envisioning Harmony

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