Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wednesday And Mini Moon

Here On Saturday

Seen when I went to get Wednesday’s mail

When Wednesday began, I knew it would be a day of wonder and magical possibilities. The froggy’s in the planter by the dining room beckoned to me, so I stepped through the bushes and got up close. I could see that they had been into the red berries, which may have had something to do with their ability to beckon.

New violin strung for testing

John had completed the bare violin, and it sounded powerful. The strings, fingerboard, and fittings were later removed so he could begin the finishing process.

I mentioned that my guitar sounded kind of dead, and wondered if it was time for new strings. I handed John my Takamine.

Guitar technician, John Harrison

He made some adjustments to restore dynamics and tone to my 37 year old, trusty guitar. It sounded great when we practiced the new songs, and the sets for the band on February 21st. Of all the guitars I have had, this is by far, my favorite. I have had it since I got it new when I lived in Ashland, Oregon.

The early evening sun on Shasta

Later in the day, it was time to check the conditions for the mini moonrise. Some astronomy blogs were calling it the mini moon because it was at it’s farthest point from earth. This would make it the opposite of a super moon, which is at it’s closest point in its elliptical orbit.

Moonrise through the trees

From my vantage point, the moon could be seen rising through the bare branches of a variety of trees. I liked it. The tree branches added some character, and mood to the event.

Jupiter and the full wolf moon

As the moon cleared the trees, I took a wide shot that included Jupiter. That turned out nice. I took a few more shots and video clips, then went into the dining room to let the Wednesday poker players know that they could see the full moonrise from where they were sitting.

Moon, Jupiter, and helicopter from patio

When I stepped out of the dining room onto the patio, I noticed a helicopter had joined the show. It is the white dot to the left of the moon at approximately 8 o’clock, (The location of the helicopter, not the actual time).

The helicopter was moving quickly. By the time I got set up for a close up, it was already on the lower right side of the moon.

Full wolf moon and helicopter

The waning moon can still be seen as nearly full, even though it is rising later each night. Conditions for taking photos couldn’t be better. The position of the planet makes for great, distinct, clear views of the heavens. This is because this is the time of year that we are directly facing the arm of the milky way galaxy in which our sun is located.

Another pleasant aspect for stargazing this January, is it’s relatively warm at night. This is not so good for the state, because we are in the midst of a drought. The lack of cold, wet weather doesn’t lead to a healthy snowpack, which is needed to provide California’s water through the spring and summer.Save water - eat less meat.

Today’s Underground Video;

This Planet Is A Treasure

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