Saturday, January 25, 2014

Provocations And Dissappointments

Can Broaden One’s Perceptions

Robin hears the auto focus lens

Like the birds, and other animals that I photograph, I can hear the sound coming from inside the camera lens as it changes focus. It tips them off as to when I am pointing the big eye of the camera at them. They stop what they are doing and look my way.

It’s a tiny little sound that most people don’t notice, but the birds can hear it from 50 feet away. That’s okay, I can hear them scratching in the grass at that distance, too. I try to synchronize my focusing with the noises they make, so it will cover the sound of the camera and I can get a candid picture.

Robin retreats to oak tree

The robin fled to an oak tree about 50 yards from me after he heard the sound of the camera. It was great to get his moment of awareness in the first image, and to also get him looking warily at the camera, after he found safety in the ‘distant’ tree. Happy to get the sequence.

Magnolias blooming in January

Some people are beginning to figure out that the climate scientists throughout the world may be right about this global warming thing. Not because TV, radio, or print media has been reporting climate facts, but because the world around them is changing relentlessly.

The arctic hasn’t been this warm for thousands of years. In spite of efforts to deny the data, carbon dating of newly exposed moss reveals that it had been covered in ice for at least 5,000 years. This is happening in the arctic as a result of our pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere than the planet is capable of absorbing. Here is one of several articles about the arctic moss.

It will take a lot more than reports of our warming planet to undo the climate denial propaganda effect on some people, but enough people are realizing that we have to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels, all over the world, so there is still a chance we can effect a livable future. 

Bee visits Magnolia blossom

Meanwhile, Refrigerator Follies, Continue;

The maintenance guy came by today to listen to the refrigerator. I explained that it had just finished it’s cycle, but would likely fire up again in 15 or 20 minutes. I also explained that turning the temperature adjustment to force it to start would not result in it making the same sounds as when it starts on it’s own. I stated, once more, it is best to wait.

House hunting bird checks for occupants

Being the impatient type, he turned the temp adjustment to get it to run. No surprise, (though it was plenty loud), it wasn’t as loud as it is lately.

This guy, who operates weed whackers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers, didn’t think it was very loud. But, he did offer to swap my refrigerator with one he just took out of another apartment.

Friday’s sunset

Of course It makes no sense to replace one unwanted, used appliance with another unwanted, used appliance. So, the refrigerator distraction is going to need a more intelligent solution. 

I have the weekend to come up with a plan that will produce a satisfactory outcome. Suggestions are welcome.

I am thinking that the only thing I need refrigeration for is dairy and eggs. I may just unplug it and use it to store vegetables, or grow mushrooms.

Today’s Fair TV Video;

Infinite Possibilities

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