Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So, We Begin

A New Year Of Possibilities

Bird looks back at the camera

They know. They watch my every move. They wonder what’s up with that thing with the big eye that I carry with me and point at them. They can hear the tiny sounds it makes when focusing and it makes some of them nervous.

Watching from the tip top branch

They know all the residents and staff by sight. Studies have shown that they mostly know us by our faces. That makes sense when you figure that we are constantly changing our feathers. They recognize the sounds of our voices, footsteps, walkers, wheelchairs, and motor vehicles.

Steve’s flowers still hanging on

The birds, and all the other non-human residents, at the Treehouse know each of us individually by our appearance and behaviors. Most of us are unaware of who’s who, or what all lives here in the Treehouse animal resident population.

Apple pie #11

I feel very fortunate to have a small exchange of interest with some of the birds, and even a few of the 4 footed animals that live here at times. I have done this through routine and mutual recognition.

I hesitate to use food to develop a closer relationship because I am concerned that I would be, “stocking the pantry” for predators If I established a feeding station, time of day, or other risky convenience.

Tuesday sunset

It is a new and pleasurable present I receive each day that I am able to spend time photographing, and enjoying the company of all my neighbors, here at the Treehouse.

To add to these abundant riches, I have this means to share my good fortune with you.

Tuesday January 7 moon

Today’s “How To” Video;

The Good Earth

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