Sunday, May 24, 2015


Comes Social Studies


Then band practice I think it was. It depends on which one of 3 high schools I was attending at the time.

Western Sky 1.jpg
Western Sky May 22

So far, this has been a very pleasant Memorial 3 Day weekend. With the exception of a couple of perpetual children roaring around with defective mufflers, it has been nice and peaceful around here.

Bramblin Bees.jpg
Bramblin’ Bees

I like staying near home on holidays primarily because that’s when people pack up the city and take it to the country to recreate. This makes the city, or at least this little town of Redding, feel pleasantly uncrowded.

Treehouse Sunset.jpg
Sunset May 22

Tonight I am attempting to get the photographs caught up with, or at least closer to, the day I am actually writing about.


Clearly, by looking at the dates on the images, you can tell that I am still a couple of day’s behind.

Moon 3.jpg
Moon May 22 eve

Temperatures were in the 90’s today, so I have been wearing shorts and an untucked, (but neatly ironed), Hawaiian shirt all day and into this 75 degree midnight. I love this place.


Presidential hopefuls are still squeezing into the Republican clown car while mass media dutifully tries to help the whackadoodle-republicans by creating email/benghazi-gate to attempt to put a damper on the high approval rating that Hillary has with the majority of Americans.

Bally Antennas.jpg
Antennas in the clouds

Meanwhile, on, above and beyond planet earth, the world's astronauts have a new flag that represents the whole planet.

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All The Pieces Fit

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