Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just A Little Shower

And … Presto!

GLS 2.jpg
Leila’s lilies Monday

On Monday, after the Treehouse Music Fest Jamboree, while bringing my guitar and equipment back from the community room, I noticed that the lilies were beginning to bud in front of Leila’s apartment.

Leila Lily 2.jpg
Leila’s Lilies Tuesday

Today after a brief rain shower, I went out to check the mail. Upon returning, I glanced toward Lielas and saw newly opened, raindrop encrusted, golden daylilies.

M Eve Clouds 1.jpg
Monday clouds near sunset

I hope you are enjoying palindrome week. It began Sunday with 5/10/15 and continues through 5/19/15. Some common palindromes are Pop, Mom, radar, Dad, Bob, Tot, racecar, and many many more.

RS 2.jpg
Red skink I think

I have to say again, “You can’t take a picture if don’t have a camera with you”.

When I haul musical equipment to and from the apartment and wherever it goes to and from, there is always a good camera with me. It is the reason I end up with so many interesting pictures.

On one of my trips to and fro I was lucky enough to have an unusual lizard right at the entrance to building A. I pulled a camera out of my bag and the lizard, or skink I think,  calmly posed for a few snaps.

MEC 10.jpg
Clouds while the sun set

By the time I went back to haul another load, the reptile had vanished, but I had pictures because...well, I had a camera when I saw what I think was a skink.

Elvis the mockingbird.jpeg
Elvis the mockingbird -(video frame capture)

I thought I had lost all the images I had taken of Elvis and several other birds that disappeared when I foolishly upgraded to Yosemite 10.10.3 and it ate what I had just loaded into iPhoto. The misguided minions who are now in charge at Apple thought it would be a good idea to do away with iPhoto and replace it with the scatterbrained lack of useful features they call, Photos.

Luckily, I discovered today that there were still some videos that didn’t cease to exist during the upgrade fiasco. From the video I was able to get screenshots of Elvis as he sang.

In a previous post I wrote about usinng Time Machine to restore an earlier version of Yosemite that included my favorite versions of iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, Pages, etc. Link to previous post

MEC 7.jpg

And don’t forget...

“Rise to vote, sir” “Madam, I’m Adam” or “Was it a car or a cat I saw?”

Today’s Video;

Never Odd Or Even

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