Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beyond Commerce

Where We Live

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Timing allowed this image

There was a comment today on a 6 year old YouTube video I did about the sounds inside of the Aggregate plant at Turtle Bay. It was from another person who enjoys exploring the acoustics in the world around us.

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Bud in the setting sunlight

The internet is amazing. It is a record of life in this world like no other. Google, and others have published digital copies of books, movies, radio shows, images, videos, and world events to create a collection of knowledge that includes and exceeds any other compendium, ever.

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Mourning dove coo-ooh-oohing

And the information is still pouring into servers all over the world, most of which we can all access from the comfort of wherever we may be. This is heaven to me. I have been seeking knowledge since I first became conscious.

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Big red sidewalk rose

Schools turned out to be a big disappointment once I found out they weren't in the business of answering questions outside of what was already written in the textbooks. I would devour the textbooks within the first few days of the school year or semester.

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Sunday evening moon

I was expected to sit in class learning nothing new day after day, month after month, year after year. Sometimes I would get an understanding teacher who wouldn’t mind if I only showed up when there were tests and final exams. I would go ahead and give all correct answers in their class.

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Reflecting setting sunlight

For the mediocre instructors, I would just take the tests as fast as i could, writing answers without thinking. Sometimes, if it was multiple choice, I wouldn’t even bother to read the questions. Usually that method would result in C’s with the occasional D and a note stating I wasn’t performing up to my potential.

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Trader Joe’s parking lot foliage

But enough about my odd educational pastimes. Today’s video shows what one can do if they apply themselves and use math and sciences as well as imagination to achieve their dreams.

Today’s Video;

The Bigger Big Picture

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