Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is Careless Disregard

Simply A Lack Of Intelligence?

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Love these little blue flowers

I was out on Iron Mountain Road, planning to stop and get some pictures at one of my favorite treelined turnout overviews of the Keswick reservoir. When I began pulling off the road, I saw it was obstructed by bedding and mattresses that were insufficiently tossed partially over the side of the slope that leads to the reservoir below.

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Sunset crescent moon May 21st

The various levels of stupid that are necessary to achieve such a testament to ignorance and disrespect could be the subject of a lengthy scientific study. One must begin with the story of why that bed and bedding had to be removed from where it was.

Leila’s daylilies May 21st

Was it covered with evidence of a crime? If that were the case, we would have to add another layer of stupid as it is sure to be found and examined by a local or state agency.

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Baby Agapanthus

The very idea that taking unwanted items to the nearest hillside and throwing, dumping or pushing them over to be as out of sight as a baby playing peekaboo, shows layers of disregard for people, places, animals, plants, and fresh water as well as a few more levels of stupid.

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Moon and Venus evening of May 21st

Which brings us to this Memorial Day weekend.

Longtime readers may recall that I have researched the origins and history of this day that is now a 3 day holiday weekend. I am reminded of how many years it took women's groups from both sides of our American civil war, to get the military and the government to set aside a day to remember the young men who died while killing each other.

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Sunset May 21st

Grown men showed their careless disregard for the young people they persuaded to kill each other by ignoring the pleas of the mothers of those dead children. Military leaders need live, healthy, boys and girls to go into battle to get killed. The dead or wounded are of no use to them.

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Agapanthus parking attendant

Nothing has changed since the civil war, except confederate money is worthless. The Bush family still sells bullets to both sides of armed conflicts and our military leadership doesn’t want to spend money on wounded Veterans or dead soldiers. Just like the people tossing trash over the side of the hill, those people who demand war are lacking both introspection and responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

If you would like the facts and history regarding memorial day, you can start Right Here or you can type Memorial Day in the search box at the upper left of this page and you can get all the posts that I wrote since 2008 that have something to do with Memorial Day.

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This reminds me of the old joke; “Have you ever smelled mothballs?”

“What did you do, hold him by his tiny wings?”

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