Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Current State Of Media

Is As Varied As Audiences

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Cooing Treehouse resident

Media can be used to inform, entertain, or to sell something. There have always been entertainers, experts, hucksters and peddlers. Media has changed considerably since cave art, smoke signals, and sound making devices. Hucksters and peddlers remain the same.

In Bush With Bug.jpg
Roses and a green bug

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, we had books, newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, speeches, plays, concerts and television media sources. With a long wire antenna, I could pick up distant radio stations late at night, like the Salt Lake City jazz station. (Even as a kid I was a night owl.)

Overlook 3.jpg
Shasta dam is 3 times higher than Niagara Falls

Throughout my life I have been involved with just about any type of media I can think of. If you know my work, or have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know I have been a writer, producer, art director, actor, musical performer, emcee, recording artist and personality on stage, television and radio among other things.

Fortnight At The Library.jpg
Fortnight at the library

I have worked for newspapers and printers as an artist, writer, cartoonist, graphic designer and press operator. My art and photographs have been published in books and magazines since I was a teenager.

I know a thing or two about media.

Muggy River Day.jpg
Below Shasta Dam, the Sacramento river

In this 21st century, with so much information available to us in so many ways, it is astounding that some people have limited themselves to just a few sources. Those that do, tend to watch Fox news and listen to right wing talk radio. This means they are willingly letting themselves be misinformed every day.

For Today’s Video, I give you one shining example of ideological hucksterism posing as fair and balanced news (and opinion) with this clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart;

Seeking Truth And Beauty

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Margaret Miller said...

The pic of the dam is beautiful. All the elements stand out. Really good. The Daily Show was also excellent. I liked it.
Also I liked that you listed all the various things you've done. It is a good thing to remind ourselves about this so we remember who we are; what we've accomplished in our life. Enjoyed this blog very much.