Thursday, May 21, 2015


70 Trips Around The Sun

Leila's Lily 2.jpg
Leila’s lily Wednesday

This is the first time I have been 70, so I don’t really know how I am supposed to feel. I still don’t feel old. I always thought that feeling old would begin around 40, but it never happened.

Diane's 4.jpg
Diane’s Amaryllis Monday

I use economy of motion for day to day activities, but I figure it is because I learned to operate this body more efficiently over time. So far so good.

Safe Strawberries.jpg
Jackie’s strawberry refuge

I have to say that life is good and I am blessed with the kind of prosperity and abundance that money can’t buy. Like the song says; “What A Wonderful World

Elvis the Treehouse mockingbird

Elvis is an unmated mockingbird who arrived ahead of the others to stake out his territory and show off for the arriving females. He is a very talented singer and I’m sure some lady mockingbirds will find him irresistible. One of the mated females might switch partners for this guy. All about western/northern mockingbirds.

Rose With Nymph.jpg
Treehouse rose with katydid nymph

I am writing this about an hour before the actual time I was born. It is sort of like counting down to the new year. Actually, it is exactly like counting down to the new year. It’s my new year... What do you know, we’re even getting some rain tonight. Even better than fireworks. Happy 70th Year

Black Bottom Cupcake - (Photo - Margaret Miller)

My neighbor Jackie, (one of the wonderful people who help put on the Monday Jamboree), asked me last week what kind of cake I wanted for Monday’s music. She and her sister Darlene provide cakes, pies and other baked goodies for our neighbors who come to the community room to enjoy the music that Peggy and I make each week here at the Treehouse.

A colorful something in Dottie’s garden

I thought about something fun for her to fix, and for me to eat, and I came up with black bottom pie. She wasn’t familiar with it, so I looked up some recipes. They seemed rather involved, but I found a simpler solution that someone had put on the web. So, Jackie made devilishly delicious black bottom cupcakes.  Thank you Jackie.

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