Saturday, May 9, 2015

Early In May

It’s Beautiful Here

Wind Survivor Red.jpg
Wind Survivor Red

Tried to eat a store bought bakery apple pie. I remembered why I make my own.

A Real Apple Pie.jpg
A Happy Phil real apple pie

Since I have made one of my own apple pies, I need to give away the Trader Joe’s boiled apples suspended in sweetened and ‘flavored’ cornstarch, corn syrup apple pudding wrapped in lightly baked soft bread dough.

At least it was closer to being an apple pie than those things that are sold at McDonalds.

New Car.jpg
My new Hyundai Azera

It only took 9 years of ownership until I felt comfortable saying, “My Buick”. Now, just a few months later, the Buick is sold and belongs to someone else. I now have Marian’s car that she bought in 2006 when she gave me her Buick. Thank you Marian.

Dove on the prowl

We had an art show here at the Treehouse on Thursday. The residents had a chance to share their creative side(s). It was a lot of fun and all the exhibits were fine quality.

Welcome To My World.jpg
The colorful world of Dottie’s garden

While I was setting up my photo art display Thursday morning, someone came and bought the Buick. I was glad that it went to a person who seemed to appreciate and need it.

After The Lovin'.jpg
After the lovin’

Here in Redding we are enjoying superb weather. Pleasant enough to open the windows for most of the daytime. I have been reading about, and watching videos of the extreme weather that continues to bedevil the climate denier states.

I hope the citizens of those red states wake up and start electing people who will do what it takes to slow the disruption of earth’s finely tuned climate.

Really..What Is It?.jpg
What is this flower?

I would rather be driving a solar powered electric vehicle, but until we get more progressive people into public office, the fossil fuel company sponsored politicians will continue to make laws that keep the cost of electric cars beyond my means.

I am told that my new Hyundai gets better gas mileage than the Buick did. Good. My car, plus eliminating industrial livestock agriculture and production will significantly reduce the damage that humans are doing to the planet.

Today’s Video;

Float Parade

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