Monday, May 11, 2015

What Did You Do Last Friday?

I Went To The Arboretum

Pic 1.jpg
This flower wanted to be first

Margaret Miller and I brought our cameras and sense of appreciation. The weather was pleasant with temps in the high 80’s occasionally brushing up against 90.

Bf 2.jpg
Butterfly and it’s ghostly companion

The butterflies were moving fast. I keep the camera ISO setting at 80 to achieve thinker color density, but this means sometimes there will be more than one version of the same butterfly in the picture if it is fluttering fast. I have seen results where a flying butterfly can become a series of butterfly parts strewn across the image.

Bf 4.jpg
Very colorful day at the Arboretum

We discovered an area that we hadn’t photographed before, and it turned out to be filled with delightful subjects to reproduce as images to be shared.

Pic 3.jpg
One of the many flowering plants in bloom

So many butterfly images turned out good, that they needed to be part of an Arboretum video. This would be the 4th in the Arboretum series.

The tricky part, for me, when producing a video is deciding what music to write and record for the soundtrack. Today, I had an idea for a 50’s kind of rockin’ bop track.

Bf 5.jpg
In the garden of delights

It was beautiful and pastoral there. A great place to relax off the beaten path. I spotted something purple in the distance and looked around the bush that was blocking a clear view.

The purple was a cyclist sitting on a bench reading a book. A picture of spring.

Arboretum Spring Pleasure.jpg
Picture perfect day in May

And so here I am at 2:30 Monday morning. A mockingbird is rehearsing his love songs in the tree next to where I am sitting and the video has finished uploading to YouTube.

This is a very talented mockingbird. I am sure the lady birds will be all a flutter when they get a chance to hear him sing. So now I bring you a more detailed view of butterflies and flowers in what is…

Today’s Video;

Le Sacre du Printemps

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