Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pass The Ketchup

While I Catch Up

There are barbeque's a plenty this Memorial Day weekend. I figured the catsup joke would be timely. I have been falling behind on posting new blogs while marching ahead with picture taking. Thankfully there is Flickr to assist in getting blog and pictures in sync on the Phil’s Place timeline.

Here is another collection of recent images that I have uploaded to Flickr. I can’t resist utilizing their wonderful embedded slideshow feature. Don’t hesitate to click on the full screen button once it starts playing. The results are stunning.

This Saturday began with my usual bowl of cereal and a little fresh fruit on top.

I put on a nice shirt and slacks. “What’s the matter with these socks”?

This is another Memorial Day Weekend. Time to honor dead soldiers on both sides of the battles. They all died for honor, God and country.

One of the first Memorial Day celebrations occurred in in Columbus, Miss., April 25, 1866. A group of women visited a cemetery to decorate the graves of Confederate soldiers who had fallen in battle at Shiloh, where the graves were neglected because they were the enemy.

Reflections on the roof of the Buick

Around the same time, a group of women in the north were putting flowers on the graves of their sons and husbands and they noticed that the graves of the southern men and boys were bare. They put flowers on those graves too.

This practice caught on with the women of both north and south and they combined the existing May Day celebrations by placing May flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers. Some of the women began to petition the government to declare a day to honor those who died in battle.

Saturday Sunset - Lumix TZ3

A general’s wife, and personal friend of several congressmen, finally persuaded the men to create a national memorial day.

If you read the current versions of history, you would be led to believe that it was men who came up with the idea.

Saturday Sunset - iPod Touch

The Daylilies are making a return engagement in Dorothy's garden. Look for a lot of lily pictures here on this blog over the next month.

Fuzzy cactus babes are seen here letting their hair blow in the wind.

We had an intense, howling, huffing and puffing wind storm Thursday afternoon and into the night. I was getting ready to read a book with the ambient atmosphere, but by the time I got organized the wind disappeared. Poof! It was like it had a 10:00pm curfew. At ten, it simply stopped.

John is extremely pleased with his new cello. It is truly a beautifully crafted classic style work of art. Most importantly, it will respond and produce the sound, timbre, and mood altering tones that professional cellists require from their instrument.

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