Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yesterdays Rain Left

Spotty Results

Buick in the shade

Did I mention that I recently washed the Buick? I didn’t exactly wash it like I might have done a couple of decades ago, but I did use the water wand at the DIY coin-op car wash.

Strange red bug

It looked nice and clean until yesterday’s one minute of raindrops made pollen/dust spots on it. I suspected that might happen when I saw in the weather underground forecast, a 10% chance of rain for Monday, but since it was relatively clean, it will be easy to rinse of the spots at the DIY place tomorrow.

White flowers on fence

Today was another good day for photographs, and I even did a few more experiments with the iPod photo functions. They are not in the same league as those images from the Lumix, but they aren’t intended to be. They are just for having a little fun, and I like to have fun.

Tree stump poppy

Here is a slideshow of some of today’s exemplary imagery;

I uploaded the pictures to Flickr so I could use their slideshow embed tool. I really like the quality and smooth transitions when using the full screen feature. (That would be the little square of arrows on the bottom right corner that appears after you click the play button)

Pollen crazed contortionist

Earlier today, I was reading an article that was lamenting the way Flickr had fallen behind the competition because social websites, instagram and facebook were the more popular and trendy places to send and view pix. It was good to see that I wasn’t the only person among those commenting on that story, who felt that Flickr was just fine as it is. (Article)

I made a little time lapse movie yesterday of a quick trip to Trader Joe’s and back.

Today’s Time Lapse Video;

Driving Forces

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