Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Published At Last


Today I finally uploaded the iBook for the iPad about the Viola that John made. Now that iTunes has it, it shouldn’t be too long before it’s available through iBooks.

Another Camera

In addition to publishing my book, today I picked up this Panasonic Lumix FZ5 camera that I saw for sale on craigslist. It adds extra capabilities for a few more tricks to pull out of my photo magic hat.

It takes nice macro shots that are similar to my other cameras. It also can capture certain shades of red and blue that are sometimes difficult to get with TZ1 and TZ3 models.

As you can see here it takes nice wide angle shots, but it also has quite a powerful telephoto lens capability. The next picture is taken from the same spot.

These apartments are up on the hill behind the bridge in the previous image.

I put a bunch of pictures from the new camera in a slideshow. I also include a few pictures from the TZ3 for comparison. You can easily see the difference. The TZ3 picture quality is superior to the FZ5, but the new camera has its own set of features to add to my picture taking adventures.

Tuesday Evening Moon

I do like this picture of the moon that I took with the new camera. I’m still learning how to use it. For example; the first pictures I took with it, (about 175), I couldn’t understand why it didn’t focus on some things.

When I loaded the pictures into the computer and saw how many were out of focus, I started reading the operators manual. What a surprise! There is a focus button on the camera that I didn’t know was there.

This was a day of learning, correcting mistakes, and achieving satisfying results. Which leads me to today’s video which ties in with the iBook for the iPad, published today on iTunes, ( From Kindling To Concert - The making of a John Harrison Viola ).

John recently finished making a new cello. I happened to be in the shop when he was taking a few moments to see how it sounded and played. This gave me an opportunity to capture a moment on video of John, happily achieving satisfactory results.

Today’s Relative Video;

Sounds Of Satisfaction

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