Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Of The Eclipse

And Other Objects Of Wonder

Printing App

I have been exploring a few of the Apps that I downloaded the other night onto the iPod Touch. One was from Epson to expand the use of my printer for iOS devices.

I tried the (free) Epson app, and it is really nice. The iPod communicates wirelessly to the printer, and the App provides easy ways to gather printable material from anywhere on my iPod.

Movie App

I also tried one of the movie Apps that I downloaded. Great Movies Free, from It provides a vast library of movies that stream smoothly to the iPod, and look brilliant in HD. There are some commercials before the movie, but no interruptions during the show, (except for me putting it on pause every now and then while I go off and do other things).

Scroll down the browse page to get these

The best way to use any of the movie Apps is to search using the ‘browse’ function. Then you can search by genre, title, subject, actor, or director's name to find a movie you really want to watch. (The ‘Featured’ and ‘Most Popular’ movies are probably more appreciated by teenagers).

I found this little gem among the ‘Film School Originals;

The iPod Cam vs Lumix TZ3
iPod image collage

I used Pic Collage for the iPod pictures, and Picture Collage Maker Lite on the MacBook for the Lumix images. They both do much more than I used them for here, but my intent was to see the picture collections as plainly as possible. I intend to explore Picture Collage Maker for future projects. It does much more than put 3 pictures on the same page. It has a wide selection of borders, masks, and photo manipulation tools. In addition, there are hundreds of collage templates one may use to address all purposes and occasions, for those who who seek a quick, nicely laid out, design.

Lumix image collage

I am still experimenting with the little iPod camera, to find out where the ‘sweet spots’ are for focus and lighting. The two above images are one of the ways to help me gain the knowledge of the iPod camera’s good points by comparison. That way I can use it more effectively.

The iPod Touch has a fixed lens, so anything closer than 2 feet tends to be blurry on the main camera. It does have a feature that lets you change the lighting and white balance of a subject, and that helps.

I didn’t touch up, or edit the shots, because that would be misleading, and would take me down a path that would not lead me to good quality, natural photos.

On To The Eclipse

The Lumix TZ3 with an ersatz filter made from the one lens of what once was a pair of solar eclipse glasses. I set up on the second floor stairwell landing just outside my apartment.

One of my neighbors learns the trick of making eclipse dapples.

It’s a variation on the pinhole camera. The image is the reverse of the eclipse, produced in the light that gets focused through the spaces between your crossed fingers.

Here you see the image of the eclipse displayed on the back of the Lumix camera. You can also see the reflection of the iPod Touch, (the camera taking this picture), and my bare, old guy, legs.

The Main Event

Today’s Video;

Mooning Over The Sun

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