Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nice Place

This Planet Earth

I may have mentioned it before, but Redding has 2 Blues societies. The Shasta Blues Society, and the more recently formed, Jefferson State Blues Society.

I think it’s great to have 2 blues societies staging events and having weekly jams where blues musicians of all ages and skill levels can play for audiences that love 'live' blues music.

Tonight I played at a new location for the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam: The Old School Restaurant. It is a light, airy, lively room for dining, music, and dancing.

It was a lot of fun, and those who were there had a good time. There was a good photographer, named Rhonda, who showed me some terrific images she took of me, and the people who played with me. I hope she sends me a few so I can show them to you, here.

Last night was the big, giant, full moon rise, and I was prepared to capture it with both video and still cameras blazing. I had the iPod running a time-lapse video App from a tripod, perched atop the Buick, while I tried some experiments with the Lumix TZ3.

The time-lapse video needs some music and production enhancements to make it work, so that will probably show up on a future blog post. That works for me, because this blog of my observations and activities, doesn’t necessarily follow a linear time-line anyway.

Suffice it to say, (does anyone actually use that phrase outside of literature?), watching the moon rise was a delightful, magical event. Complete with birds, breezes, and a big, beautiful, floating moon.

Tomorrow I get to play another kind of music at the Treehouse Cabaret and Poetry Hour. I have some video clips from last Monday, so let me present...

Today’s Oblique Video;

Splendiferous Moon

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