Monday, May 14, 2012

Clear Choices

That I Can See

If you read the previous post, you know the circumstances of my going to take a time lapse video of me going to take a picture of MT Shasta. I ended up not recording a time lapse video of the drive, arrival, and me setting up a tripod on the hood of the Buick for the picture. 

However, this, (above), is the picture that I took. I like how it turned out.

Just before dinner, I went back outside and took more pictures in the diffused light from clouds that had blown in. It was still around 90°, but not uncomfortably so, since there was a breeze. Soon I had more than enough interesting images to populate another blog post on this Mothers Day.

There always seems to be some interesting subject that gets my attention, so that I will point the camera and take a picture. It could be something as simple as this dandelion growing near a red curb, even though there were thousands of other dandelions growing all around it.

Or it could be something as dramatic as this big round ball of colorful rose petals.

It makes me very happy to find all these beautiful photo opportunities just by walking around the Treehouse property.

People remark about how I seem to be so happy whenever they see me.

They ask, “How do I do this?”

How do I find so many beautiful things to enjoy?

I tell them that I know that good and bad exist in this world, but it makes me much happier if I look for the good. So I do.

I avoid filling my mind with negativity, by avoiding, those things that produce negativity.

Of course it’s not all just my choice. I think a lot of my optimism is a result of God’s grace, circumstances, and genetics. But, I can choose to focus on the good things that life has to offer and only deal with the negative when absolutely necessary.

I’m happy to be me at this time of my life. That’s a good thing. Who else could I be?

Well, that’s enough babbling. Dragon Express, (dictation software), is doing some strange things, (stranger than usual anyhow), and scrolling in Google Docs is becoming jerky.

I think it’s a sign that I should stop writing, find, and post a somewhat related video.

Tonight’s Video;

Nicely Animated Story

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