Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maybe Next Year

I’ll Get May Day Flowers

I kept looking outside my door for a traditional May Day basket of flowers, but I guess that is a custom that has been forgotten, along with the May Pole. Still, one can hope.

There were plenty of flowers to photograph here at the Treehouse, so I didn’t venture out to participate in the revelry that must have been happening at any of the Feast of Saint Philip celebrations.

The president made an extraordinary journey to Afghanistan where he and Hamid Karzai signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement - a document that is intended to shape the U.S.-Afghanistan relationship for the next decade. He spoke to 3,000 American troops and thanked them for their service, spent 45 minutes shaking hands and hearing their stories, gave an address to our nation, and came back before most people realized he had been out of the country. (Read an adventurous report)

Yesterdays Treehouse Cabaret and Poetry Hour was a good time as usual. In addition to recording the audio, I recorded some video with the iPod. I hope to have a song or two in ‘blog ready’ shape as soon as a day or two.

It is a rare and wonderful treat, for me, when I see a video of someone who is truly musically talented. There are a lot of people who can play an instrument, or sing a song, but not many who can carry the whole production in their head and have the ability to record all the instrument and vocal parts, one at a time, piece by piece, in one sitting, with no mistakes, using nothing more than their voice, a microphone, and a looping box.

This girl has more musical ability than anyone I have encountered in years.

Today’s Refreshing Video;


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