Friday, May 18, 2012

If It's Not Going To Be Late

Now Is The Time

This seems to be one of those discombobulated days for me. I am either moving too fast, or too slow in relation to the events that I choose to become involved in.

It may be that I am just not seeing the ‘big plan’ while actively being part of it. If events had not appeared to be out of sync, I would not have thought of the word, “discombobulated”.

So that could explain why people were not where I expected them to be when I was there at the spot where they were expected. I became confused, befuddled as it were, and my mind reached into its vocabulary vault and withdrew the word, “discombobulated”, so that I might use it as a theme on today’s blog.

I’m not sure if anyone still uses the word discombobulated today. I haven’t used it in years, but I recall my mother using it occasionally. She also used the word copacetic, (which I think is making a comeback these days). If things weren’t copacetic, one might throw a conniption fit.

At any rate, or at least the rate I’m going, I wish to direct your attention to the Western skies on Sunday evening around six o’clock, so that you will not miss the big exciting annular eclipse of the sun.

That is of course presuming that you are going to be in the ‘path of spectacular viewing’ for this celestial event. For more information on the solar eclipse and where it’s best seen from, I would like to present...

Today’s Informative Video;

Stellar Spectacle

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