Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Pleasant

How Nice

I got to play with The Phil Seymour Band today, (I think they let me play with them because of the name). It was really fun, we were well received and appreciated by the nice people who were attending Saturday’s Widows Luncheon at the Masonic Hall, here in Redding.

Photo Credit - Rich Whitlock (iPhone)

Thanks to Rich Whitlock for emailing me the pictures he took. I asked if I might have a copy of the pictures he took and he said, “Sure. What is your email address?” He tapped a bit on his iPhone and the pictures were waiting for me when I got home and opened my email.

I hope Rich doesn’t mind that I ‘played around’ a little with the image.

John Harrison on guitar, Jacob Rubanowitz on fretless bass, Rocky Rossi on drums, and me.

Speaking of John;

He finished the new cello and it sounds magnificent. Not bad looking, either.

There is a lettuce garden on my kitchen counter, thanks to my neighbor Jackie. It is a living salad maker. I just cut of what I want to eat, and it grows back. I think it’s great, although I think I may move it to where it’s not looking at me while I am eating its leaves.

Don’t Forget

Earlier this evening, I experimented with photographing the sun at about the same time as I will be photographing and filming the eclipse tomorrow. My neighbor, Jo Anna, gave me a pair of viewing glasses to observe the sun without frying my retina. I put one of the dark filters in front of the Lumix, Leica lens to test the effect on an image of the sun.

What a nice surprise. With a bit of post production, I can coax out what appear to be sunspots. I look forward to tomorrows photo experiences with giddy anticipation.

This bee was just leaving.

Another Slideshow Of “Backyard” Beauties

How refreshing it is to have young and talented Jacob Rubanowitz playing bass in the band. I have watched him grow into a force of great musicianship over the last couple of years at the Shasta Blues Society Thursday Blues Jams. It is good to know that there still are some young people who have the gift of being a real musician.

I was able to focus on my performance today, confident in Jacob’s ability to grasp the nature of the songs I sang. He played appropriate, supportive bass lines, even on the songs I had just pulled out of my hat. Thanks Jacob.

Today’s Video Selection;

What A World

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