Friday, May 11, 2012

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Two Days In May

“All things come to he who waits, provided he knows what he is waiting for”- Woodrow Wilson.

The funny thing is, I am not always the initiator of the waiting. I like to think that there is a plan, (Kismet), and I am happily strolling along the path of my destiny, delighted by the wonders of coincidence and collective consciousness’ creative collusion.

The slideshow that appears above, (I hope), is the product of one such ‘coincidental’ solution that found me at the end of a well written, entertaining, tension and release, excitement framed, adventure story.

It had to do with Flickr, an online photo gallery that I use, sometimes. A couple of years ago, I had exceeded the 200 image limit of the free version. To add more pictures, I could replace ones that were there, or I could upgrade to the ‘pro’ version for unlimited space and extra features.

I trimmed away the images that I felt were of marginal impact when ever I wanted to add a few new pictures to take advantage of the Flickr slideshow embed. I think they have the best looking embedded slideshow that I have used on this blog, so when I have some really nice looking pictures to show you, I like to use the one from Flickr.

The other night, I wanted to use Flickr for a slideshow, but it was already filled with 200 really nice pictures that I enjoy displaying on that site. I decided I would go ahead and pay the 20 bucks to upgrade. I was blocked. All attempts to initiate an upgrade failed.

If I were meant to upgrade at that time, I would not have encountered a cascade of frustrating obstacles that thwarted my every effort to buy more space.

I ended up using the Picasa slideshow that night. It is nowhere as pretty as the one from Flickr, but it is part of my robust collection of powerful Google Apps with ample storage to accommodate my ever growing catalogue of images.

Tonight, I tried to access my existing Flickr account, and ‘accidentally’ managed to set up a new account with 200 empty spots for new pictures. My problem is solved and now I can produce a few more slideshows for this blog until I use up this new, free space.

Kismet, Guardian Angel, Guiding Light, Divine Providence, Hand Of Fate, or whatever one chooses to call this imaginative,inspiring way of looking at one's life, I experience a lot of these kind of magical moments. I love it. It fills my soul with wonder and appreciation for all the wonderful events that are part of the story of my life.

If, for some reason, you couldn’t get the slideshow to work, you can CLICK HERE to get to where the images reside.

That’s it for today/tonight. I hope you were amused.

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