Thursday, April 16, 2015

Respect Yourself

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Did I get that right?..Let’s see;


A Striped Head Friend.jpg
Crown sparrow behind A building

We will be voting for a new president next year. So far, the democrats have a former secretary of state, known and respected throughout the world, and the republicans have a handful of corporate sponsored lunatics.

Wow, just 18 more months of rabid right wingers trying to smear Hillary. Sure am glad I don’t watch cable news or listen to talk hate radio. 18 months of that stuff and I might believe that a republican sociopath snake oil peddler is somehow qualified to be leader of the free world.

Bird Of Paradise.jpg
Bird of Paradise seen through a fence

A quick update on the ongoing saga of restoring good design and productivity to my MacBook Pro;

I found that some of my favorite photography editing Apps like Intensify don’t work with OS-X Mountain Lion, so I used Time Machine yet another time to erase and restore my hard drive with a backup from a couple of days before I unfortunately updated to Yosemite OS-X 10.10.3.
Joes Coat In Wind.jpg
Joseph’s coat blowing in the wind

That includes all my favorite legacy versions of Apple iWork and other enjoyable earlier versions of iTunes, GarageBand, iMovie, etc. With a bit of adjusting and rearranging, all is well once again.

The ugliness that is Yosemite is still here with cheap looking icons, barely visible skeletal scratches instead of buttons or controls, but I have a working version of iPhoto again.

Wider Valley Vista.jpg
Valley view

Yosemite isn’t all bad. I do enjoy the applications that take advantage of the new Apple programming code, “Swift”. 

Layers, features and enhancements built with Swift are more memory and processor efficient than those built on previous codes.

I must admit that not everything about Yosemite is a colossal mistake.

Just most of it.

Postcard Shasta.jpg
Mt Shasta from Clover Creek wildlife preserve

I hope you all showed how much you love America and paid your fair share of taxes to keep our water clean, our streets safe, our schools top notch, our bridges sturdy, our rivers healthy, our food nutritious, and our economy strong.

Good. Because real American patriots invest in this country and its citizens of all colors, creeds, and circumstances.

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