Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Writing posts with an iPad

This is my second attempt at writing using the iPad. Let's first attempt failed as I was trying to write in Google Docs which I usually use on my regular computer for my pre-edited copy. I got as far as trying to insert an image.

Now that I'm using blogger, I think this is going a little bit smoother.

Today I finally received my Kustom monitor from guitar center that I ordered in December. So it's Christmas on 29 April.

I was happy to receive the monitor. Because I plan to use it as the PA system on Mondays when I play with Peggy on the piano and me on the guitar. It's a small room and we don't need anything bigger than that so I ordered this because they were selling it for a good price and special sale. 

Getting this now is the perfect timing. In addition to P & P on Mondays, John and I are playing as a duo at the post office saloon this summer and it will be perfect for that too.

Okay this is working well. I'll try fancy photograph next. Images so far we're taking this afternoon with my iPhone and that worked out well.

Okay again, the above image is from my real camera and it seems to post just fine on here.

I wonder how to put the video of the day on here. I suppose I have to do one with the iPad.
A few moments later… No it's not gonna work that way. I'm sure there is a way that it will work however if I have to go through a lot of hassle to do it then it's not very Apple like in my estimation.
I imagine it's probably pretty easily done if I was still using iOS six but this new 8.3 that I'm using is just as bad as Yosemite.

Instead of a video let's have a picture of the pie I just took out of the oven.

That worked well. I hope you enjoyed today's experimental blog written with the iPad 4.

Life can be wonderful if we let it

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