Friday, April 3, 2015

Being A NAtural

What Does That Mean?

And The Prize Goes to...jpg
Naturally colorful rose

I think that, in my case, natural was being a good singer right out of the box.

Small bird.jpg
And now I shall sing for you

By that I mean with no previous indication or inclination, I walked out from the wings on to the stage, looked at the audience, discarded my unfunny comic routine and chose to sing a song at a talent show when I was 6 years old.

Hazy Shasta 4.jpg
Shastina and Shasta

All of us in the theater that day discovered that I was a really good singer, (including myself). I was a natural in that I knew nothing about musical structure, playing an instrument, or the meaning of some of the songs I would hear, but I could recreate them accurately and on key when I sang.

By Tree.jpg
Flower and Tree

When my voice changed, I had to learn how to sing in different keys than the songs on the radio. It was during that time that I learned to accompany myself by playing guitar. I was not a natural on guitar. I have since become a pretty good rhythm guitar player, (in my estimation).

April 2 Moon.jpg
April 2 moon

What got me to thinking about natural abilities was listening to a discussion I heard about radio personalities and what it takes to be one.

Tiny Bird 2.jpg

I got my first job in radio when I was 22. I was a natural. By that I mean I went on the air after being told 2 things; Smile when introducing records or reading commercials and frown when reading the news.

Moon and Lassen.jpg
Moon and Lassen April 2

I parlayed that into having the number 1 show on the number 1 station in a 5 state market. I did alright in radio, naturally. I was arrogant, opinionated, and full of myself, (like successful radio personalities tend to be).

Inner Workings.jpg
Inner workings revealed

As with most of my endeavors, once I get the sense that there is not much achieving left to do, it is time to begin new adventures, naturally. More biographical snippets in future posts.

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