Friday, April 17, 2015

If One Asks The Question

Must One Wait For Someone Else To Answer?

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Can we just answer the question ourselves and move on?

Do we even need an answer if it is revealed by the question itself?

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I live among astonishingly beautiful living organisms

What do I mean by we? … I can answer that.

‘We’ refers to the reader and the writer here, (even though we/they are sometimes one and the same).

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This rosebush and tree are great subjects

You are the reader and I am the writer, except when I am the reader. So in that case, we are both readers. Is that a different ‘we’ than reader and writer?

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Iris and company

Now I can ask questions with a rough idea of who am asking but, how will I know the answers I get are correct?

Supposedly if there’s a bet on the answer it’s likely to be right. I didn’t know that until I read the research about that very thing this morning.

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If you ask republicans and democrats the same questions about policy and history, you will get divergent party influenced answers. But when you offer to pay them for the right answers they ignore partisan bias and tend to answer correctly. National Bureau of Economic Research

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Apricot swirl

Do you enjoy reading?

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(Disclaimer: Paul Thomas, who writes songs with me, helped found the Green Party in Scotland)

Again, With Feeling

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