Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another Fun Software Application

From Teorex

Scarlet The Rose.jpg
Scarlet The Rose 4x3

I would prefer to take pictures using the full surface of the sensor in the camera. This means using a 4x3 ratio. By doing so, my images are made from the maximum amount of megapixels contained on the surface of the light sensor.

Scarlet The Rose HD 16x9.jpg
Scarlet The Rose 16x9

There are several different ratios that are required for the various projects that I enjoy doing, but most of my displayed images end up on HDTV’s which have a 16x9 size.

I usually capture the originals in a 16x9 aspect ratio, and if they need to be other shapes, I simply crop them, or add extra features to fit the requirements.

Against The Blue.jpg
Against The Blue 4x3

There are 2 drawbacks to this method, the first is that i am only using a 16x9 portion of the 4x3 sensor. This means the image is made with fewer megapixels which limits the amount of manipulations that can be applied before the image becomes deteriorated.

Against The Blue MacBook Size.jpg
Against The Blue 11x7 MacBook Screen size (approximate)

The second problem being the loss of original 16x9 image megapixels after cropping it to accommodate a different aspect ratio. So, the quality of the picture is less than it should be.

What to do? Well…

Redding Roses.jpg
Redding Roses 4x3

Enter a program from Teorex that saves the pixel density of whatever I choose to keep in an image, and resizes it by reducing or stretching the parts of the picture that I consider background.

There are a few Teorex programs that have accumulated in my photo production toolbox over the past few years, and they send me emails announcing new products or special prices that make some of their Apps irresistible to pass up. Today was such a day.

Redding Roses iPad.jpg
Redding Roses 7x5 iPad size (more or less)

I got iResizer. Like all the applications from Teorex that I have, there are many layers of tools to achieve image results I have previously only imagined. I have only just begun to discover the wonders that await me as I get to know how to use this.

The first image software I got from them was Inpaint. It is the easiest, magical, erase and correct things in photos program I have. I also have PhotoSissors which removes backgrounds as accurately as you wish, even down to the pixels on edges of your subject.

So, now I have added another tool called iResizer, and it is great. You know what else is great about this companies software? They have Windows versions, too.

I am not being paid to write this. I am not an employee of Teorex. I just like to share my experiences, (both good and bad), with products that I use in my creative endeavors.

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