Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Case You Have Forgotten

America Is All Of Us

I saw a great little video in answer to the blowhard politicians who try to rally white protestants to “Take our country back”. The video includes a short film from just after WW2 about this very same theme;

Feel free to share the video with your friends and neighbors who have become confused as to what constitutes being an American.

Dam 1.jpg
Shasta lake at the dam Easter Sunday

On Easter, I made my annual trip up to the lake to take a few pictures. It is always a worthwhile way to experience this amazing example of people working together to build this prime example of our American dam construction era. This dam is designed to last longer than the pyramid of Khufu at Giza.

Lake Greenery 1.jpg
Some of the greenery surrounding the lake

It was never my intention to spend some time at the lake every Easter. It just happens.

Of course the fact that I live just down the road from this marvel of engineering and ingenuity has a lot to do with how often I go there.

North State Rainstorm.jpg
North State rainstorm from Dam road

In case you missed Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, I am happy that YouTube gives me the opportunity to put the show right here;

Thank you John Oliver for talking to Edward Snowden in person instead of reading the NSA handouts demonizing his courageous act of real American patriotism. And thank you for finding a way to find the hot button issue that will get people to care about the NSA’s all out war on American privacy.

Lake At Dam 2.jpg
Lake Shasta 59% full on Easter

While at the lake, I thought I would make a video report regarding the drought we are experiencing here in California. So, for the final video presentation, I offer this…

Today’s Video;


Reclaim Civility

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