Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Last Straw

OS-X Yosemite
How Far The Neo-Apple Has Fallen

With the latest Photos App replacing iPhoto, the new Yosemite OS for Mac turned my MacBook Pro into a big iPhone. I also discovered that uninstalling Photos and restoring iPhoto could not undo the damage done by the latest Yosemite upgrade. Photos can’t import or manage RW2 images and even a restored version of iPhoto just shows blank rectangles.

For 2 years the neo-Apple people have been busy dismantling all traces of Steve Jobs from the Apple experience. The new guys don’t know that their present success is just the momentum created earlier by the superbly well designed combination of user interaction with a product that was magically easy to operate and hid all the technical aspects in the background.

Apple’s quality graphic artist designed icons are being systematically replaced by boxes and rectangles drawn by somebody with a T-square and a right triangle. Oh yeah, and filled in with the most God awful colors they could find. No shadows, no gradients, no gentle corners, no magic.

Instead of making more powerful processors, the new guys took away interesting, captivating, inspiring graphics that used processor power so they can claim they now have faster processors. Removing features is not the same as improving performance. If I want featureless food I can go to Mcdonald's, but I prefer to eat something tastier and more nutritious. If I want a industrial standard computer experience, I can get a Dell.

Tim Cook and company are degrading the reputation of Steve Jobs' Apple products as they eliminate the heart and soul of what made Apple computers the very best.

Fortunately, legacy users have backups and copies of the good quality Apple Macintosh operating systems and applications, so we can toss this new Yosemite OS-X stuff in the garbage where it belongs and let our Mac's do the computing while the user interface encourages our creative spirits.

As I write this with my still magical Mountain Lion OS-X MacBook, Time Machine is erasing that Yosemite mistake from the MacBook Pro hard drive and restoring Mountain Lion, (along with legacy versions of GarageBand, iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and other Apps that will work as they were originally designed to).

There are no images today, because my main photography computer is that MacBook Pro which is undergoing restoration.
Back with great photos, soon…


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Margaret Miller said...

Excellent review. Those who have the same issues will with this "up grade" will appreciate what you have to say. Hope you send this to Apple.
Maybe you already have.
Your apparent calmness is admirable.