Sunday, April 5, 2015

New Beginnings

Or So I’m Told

Dway Fuscia.jpg
The first of the fuchsia driveway roses

Most of the spring celebrations in the northern hemisphere seem to be based on the rebirth of foodstuffs; The flowers announce coming attractions of fruits, nuts and other goodies. Birds come back to mate and lay eggs. Fields are filled with grasses, beans and barley.

Caged Iris.jpg
Caged iris

The winter snow melts and fills the streams and rivers with fresh clean water for all. Provided you had a lot of snow during the winter.

What Drought? I'm Fine.jpg
What drought? The sparse look is all the rage.

85% of California’s water is used for Agriculture and industry. 80% of that is used for industrial scale beef factories and fracking. (We don’t need beef factories or fracked oil, our own ranchers and regular oil wells provide for us.) We are in the 4th year of drought.

The governor has told the people to reduce our water by 25% while giving a pass to the big water users. Huh? No water restrictions for big water wasters Big Oil and Big Ag! That makes no sense at all.

Bird Of Paradise.jpg
Bird of paradise

In the comment section following a HuffPost linked article using the nonsensical term ‘conservative intellectuals’, I read this refreshing summation from a lady in Wisconsin;

“Now days non-medical people are writing laws dealing with medical issues and non-scientists are becoming the "experts" regarding scientific issues!! The wealthy are deciding what the rest of us "need"! How did things ever get this goofy??” - Alyssa Vetter

Thank you Alyssa for describing the crazy state of our nation so succinctly.

Strawberry Side.jpg
Strawberries getting suntans

Maybe as we celebrate rising-from-the-dead Jesus, we can emulate His goodness and throw the money changers out of our temple, give to the poor, and live in peace.

Tiny Flower Catches Bug.jpg
Flower of the day

Rain and snow at higher elevations on this Easter Sunday afternoon. There should be a break Monday, then a bigger storm on Tuesday. We can use any water we can get.

Gorgeous Yellow:pink.jpg
Rose with Easter colors

Rain is coming...rejoice!

Today’s Video;

Colorful Is The Spring

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