Friday, April 24, 2015


Before The Gig

Cloudscape 2.jpg
Thursday Treehouse Cloudscape

These days there is no ordinary backstage. After the band set up at the Post Office Saloon and Grill this afternoon, I went to a special place that has all the comforts of home.

The Real Deal.jpg
Portrait of a driveway rose

Where is this marvelous musicians dressing room?

Thursday sunset

Home is where I spend my time until I go play later when the gig is here in Redding. For me, this is a rare and wonderful treat. One day I will seek the exciting scenario of touring again, but I really appreciate my present musical status.

Onion Bug 2.jpg
Wild onion flower with 2 visitors

I watched Cowspiracy last night. I have been following the development of this project and was sent an email with the opportunity to get the movie for a dollar.

Sheets of rain fall between me and sunlit Lassen park

There is a feature that allows me to send the movie to others as a gift. I would do that, but I don’t like giving away my friends email addresses. Even if is a list with an organization I am a member of, I respect the privacy of other peoples email address.

So, instead I invite you to visit Cowspiracy to experience this eye opening expose.

Minor Details.jpg
Blazing driveway rose

A few years ago I thought linkedin was made up of businesses and entrepreneurs who could network with each other to build their brand and reputation. Like the internet rookie that I was in 2008, I signed up.

Slate Sunset.jpg
Another Redding sunset

Part of the signup process with linkedin, is to allow them access to your contacts. Within minutes I discovered what that actually meant.

Strung out.jpg
You guessed it...another driveway rose

Everyone of my contacts received an invitation from me to join linkedin!

I cancelled linkedin, changed the password on my email and wrote individual personal apology emails to everyone of my contacts explaining that I did not, nor would I ever invite them to join an exploitive, deceptive outfit like linkedin.

Today’s Video;

Time For Me To Play

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