Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let Me Tell You 'Bout

Golden Idol Iris.jpg
Golden idol iris

That song was a hit 50 years ago! (If you didn’t click on the title, do it now) Chuckle and wistfully smile at the shocking innuendos contained in the lyrics of popular music back then.

PM Iris Too.jpg
Another outstanding iris color combination

This is a wonderful year for Dottie’s gardens. Even if the gophers ate all the tulip bulbs, she planted so many different flowers during past years that something surprising is always popping up, bringing color and happiness to the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of flowers.

Deep Sea Iris.jpg
Deep sea iris

The one above reminds me of something one would see while scuba diving around a tropical reef. I can easily picture this iris undulating underwater, catching food that drifts by on the currents.

Shady Apricot.jpg
Apricot colored rose

All over the Treehouse landscape, plant life is in bloom. Nearly everything growing here is making flowers. From tiny grasses to the biggest trees, spring has sprung and their colorful reproductive organs are waving in the breezes that blow.

Performing Irises.jpg
Golden iris in front of C building

What? You didn’t know that’s what flowers are? They don’t just represent the fertility of springtime, they are the actual sex organs of plants. Something to ponder next time you are admiring a flower arrangement.

Dick's Kayaks.jpg
Kayaks at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Colorful kayaks were blooming in front of Dick’s in the late afternoon sun. They made a nice picture. They aren’t fertile, but some males will paddle around in them to advertize their virility. So I guess there is a parallel somewhere.

Suset At Trader Joe's.jpg
Late afternoon at Trader Joe’s

While grocery shopping with Margaret Miller at Trader Joe’s, I saw these two picture opportunities, (kayaks and evening sun). I have learned that when the perfect picture is happening it is also the best time to point a camera at it.

Band Flyer 4 24 15.jpg
After the Cruise come see the band this Friday

I am used to having my best camera with me at all times. So much so that I feel like something is missing if my camera bag isn’t on my shoulder. I can assure you that is how I get so many really enjoyable pictures.

Today’s Video;

Now That’s Some Dancin’

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