Thursday, September 23, 2010

Equinox Continued

Harvest Moon


From Jeff's garage, after the band rehearsal, when I was driving to an appointment, I had the opportunity to stop and take a couple of pictures from atop the waterfall/fountain at Pine and Cypress. The western sky was hazy and washed out, but I managed to get enough of an image to play with.


Using some of the simple editing tools in iPhoto and Preview, it was possible to use abstracts and color to bring out the hidden qualities of these images.


The image
of the moon after dark, (above), was the result of trying various settings on the Lumix TZ1 to try and get a detailed shot of the moon. The moon was just too bright of an object against the dark sky for the settings I was using. I tried shooting through sunglasses and although I didn't get details of craters, I did get some color flare that I was able to enhance to develop this color rich image.

Is It Still Breakfast?

If it's the first meal of the day, then I am technically breaking the fast even though it may be noonish.

I am enjoying
the delicious organic strawberries that are currently available. I tried some of the regular commercial strawberries last week and they had the taste and consistency of an unripe peach. I was not surprised.

A couple of years ago, while I was
staying with friends in Moss Landing, the farmer across the street from my friends house decided he wanted to plant a crop of commercial strawberries. That endeavor entails poisoning the soil until it is sterile and lifeless. I joined my friends and their neighbors in an attempt to prevent the spraying and fumigation that would certainly affect every living thing nearby.

In spite of our presenting evidence of possible harm to children, and reports of female reproductive system damage from exposure to these chemicals, a judge ruled in favor of corporate agriculture, and deadly chemicals were permitted to be injected, sprayed and fumigated throughout the future strawberry plot.

A few days later
, farm workers in space suits removed the plastic that had covered the ground. The wind came up and blew dessicated insect bodies, poisoned dust, and microbe corpses onto cars, lawns, gardens, pets and people who lived in the neighborhood. We were assured by the chemical company that even though the farmworkers were wearing hazmat suits, the poison was not harmful to our health. That sure set my mind at ease.

The next step
in commercial strawberry production is to put some kind of industrial nutrient solution into the dead dirt. Then, while the plants are growing, they are sprayed with various fungicides, insecticides, and anything else they can sell to the farmers.

Is it any wonder that the strawberry looking things that are the result of this process don't taste very good?

A Flower Caught My Eye

That is the flower I was photographing from where I am standing. 9/22/10

In The Wind

The Hatchet Ridge wind turbines from 'B' building. 9/20/10

When I was
looking east north east from the 2nd floor outside stairwell landing on Monday, it was clear enough that I could just barely make out something on the ridge of the distant hills. I took some pictures with the Lumix TZ1, and when I brought them up on the computer, I could see that it was the new windmills they have been installing on Hatchet Ridge. One small step toward catching up with the rest of the world.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

West Winds

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